Meet and Greet Sessions!

Have you ever been at a concert and wished you could see more of the performer than a blur in the distance, or a pixelated face on the big screens?

Now don’t get us wrong; concerts are a great way to experience music. You can listen to your favourite singers and bands perform live in a way you can’t experience just listening to their album, all while soaking up the fantastic ambiance and reveling in the glory that is music with your fellow fans.

Christmaths Collections aims to bring that wonderful raw music feeling to our events, and also provide a little something extra. That “something extra” is namely the fact that most of our guests have agreed to make themselves available for special meet & greet sessions! We’re not talking about one of “those” meet and greet sessions, where you shake their hand for 1.5 seconds and get flashed a smile before being firmly ushered out by suited attendants. The performers are more than just a face and a voice, and we want you to be able to meet them properly!

A session where a leader, celebrity, etc, is introduced to or questioned by members of the public or journalists.

Of course, timetables and schedules are notoriously difficult to coordinate, and meet & greet sessions are surprisingly tiring for the performers. However we promise to try our utmost best to ensure that our visitors have the opportunity to meet their all-time favourite performers! So if someone you’re dying to meet will be coming to any EDEN Publications events in 2015, make sure you find out when and where they’re holding their meet & greet session, and get ready for a ‘pinch yourself’ moment!

More details on meet & greet timetables/calendars will be coming soon, so keep an eye on our latest updates.


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