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TGC Radio

TGC Radio is the official Internet Radio of TGC Network Inc. with Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

TGC Radio ...Spreading the Gospel on the Airwaves.

For More Information about TGC Radio, Contact: +234 (0) 8165602301

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Professional Development

Professional development is the creation of long-term values for organizations by professionals who figure out ways to create opportunities for business growth.
Energy | Sports | Legal | Medical | Agriculture

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Cultural Enrichment

Culture is all about the way of life of a group of people or society. We believe that certain things should form the bases of our culture. The next generation should be wiser and richer in their inherited character traits.
Science | Religion | Culture | Tourism | Environment

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Intellectual Nourishment

The human mind is a gift from his creator. It is the proper use of your mind that compels people to mind you. The mind is a rich source of mental and spiritual energy for the mind, soul and spirit.
Finance | Education | Military | Government (Foreign Policy) | Media

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Productivity Seminars

"Be fruitful and multiply." We are not encouraged to be fruitful, rather we all commanded to be PRODUCTIVE. Anything short of productivity is an abusive of redemption. Be part of this new approach to living.